Here you can view if there's any planned maintence or if the servers are online. If there's maintence this page will most likely be online.

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Service Status
Website Online
Home Page Online
Darkness Page Online
News Page Online
Contact Page Online

Are there any planned maintences?

19.7.2019 - Maintence finished. News Page is now available. Update logs will now be on the news page

17.7.2019 - A maintence will occur sometime in 2 or 3 days. Contact page is now available for use.

20.3.2019 - Maintence is completed sucessfully.

19.3.2019 - An unplanned maintence is currently occuring. This maintence will maybe last 2-4 hours or 1-3 days max.

10.3.2019 - The maintence is completed sucessfully

9.3.2019 - A maintence will occur 10.3.2019 at 4AM ET. Maintence will probably last 1-2 hours.

2.3.2019 - No planned maintence.

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